Dark Moon Yoga with Morgan (booking required)

January 26, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Studio 1
Morgan Marshall

In the depth of winter, at the dark of the moon, when nature is hibernating and all is drawn in, I invite you to join me for an evening of yoga.

It’s a time to go inward, slow down, replenish, heal and rest. In this twilight session we will focus on the more contemplative, quietening aspects of yoga including slow mindful posture work, breathing, chanting and simple meditative practices. The session will end with a guided Yoga Nidra, cultivating deep rest and rejuvenation.

The dark of the moon, when there is no sign of the moon in the night sky, is traditionally a time for reflection and inner work – we can use our yoga to focus on practices that take us inwards..helping us to drop a little deeper and simply ‘be’.

Some familiarity with basic yoga poses and a comfortableness with silence would be helpful.

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